Songs on this project:
    1. Right On Time     
     2. I Thank My Savior    
     3. Thread of Hope   
     4. Far Away         
     5. Wilt Thou Be Made Whole
     6. The Old Rugged Cross 
          Made The Difference           
     7. He Hung The Moon   
     8. I'll Talk To The Father  
     9. I Know A Man Who Can 



CD's $15.00           
  3 CD's For:    


    Songs on this project:
     1.What A Lovely Name 
   2. I've Come A Long Way 
     3. Thomas                
     4. I Saw More Than A Man    
     5. Close The Books            
     6. The Next Port Is Heaven       
     7. Just Look At You          
     8. Looking For A Home In the sky
     9. Who Moved 
    10. How Great Thou Art    


We May Be Contacted:

Bill & Donna Ledford

2465 Dry Valley Road NE

Charleston, TN 37310

Phone 423-883-9260
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Currently Booking for 2019


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